At Attitude Performing Arts Studio, we encourage your child to start by attending a trial class, so as to ensure that he/she is in an environment where they can best enjoy, learn and develop. Fill up the form below and our friendly staff will contact you shortly.
In the event that you decide to enrol your child after the first trial class, that trial class will be considered his/her first lesson of the term.
Parents will need to arrive 15 minutes before the start of class to collect a trial card from the Hub Cup. Do remember to pass the trial card to the dance teacher-in-charge before class. After class, kindly return the trial card to our friendly staff at the Hub Cup for registration or further enquiries.
We strongly advise parents to remain outside the studio while the lesson is in progress, to keep our classes distraction-free for all students.
We seek the cooperation of parents to remain in the vicinity of the venue, as you may be required to attend to your child should he/she decide to discontinue the trial class midway. You could take the chance to take a breather and have an aromatic cup of gourmet coffee at Fringe Cafe.
Children should be dressed in comfortable attire appropriate for stretching and dancing for the first trial class. Should your child enrol for a class, a specially designed dance outfit will be available for purchase. Students are required to be dressed in the studio’s outfit.
We proudly offer RAD and CSTD Ballet and Jazz classes as well as Hip-Hop, Tap and fitness classes. Class levels range from beginner to advanced. Our goal is to provide you and your children with classes in which they can feel comfortable yet challenged at the same time.