Fringe Cafe

our little sanctuary for the senses

Kuppa coffee

Tease your tastebuds with Kuppa, a special blend of gourmet coffee in a class of its own; made perfect through thorough research on every element of the coffee making process. Expect only the best from our Australian beans which are hand roasted, sorted and ground to order. The result is a cup of fresh brew prepared with a finesse that has become Kuppa’s trademark.

About Fringe Cafe

There is a little sanctuary for the senses tucked away in a corner of Bukit Timah Plaza. You will know it by the aroma of freshly ground coffee, the vibrant designer furniture, as well as the graceful dancers and little ballerinas passing through. It is a favorite for families settling down for a light meal, or friends meeting for a lazy afternoon coffee treat.

Here at Fringe, we offer “simple food for happy people,” centered on our own boutique coffee. With a passion to brew the perfect cuppa, we decided that only our own custom roast of fine Australian espresso beans would do. Our “Kuppa” coffee is served by the café’s trained baristas who take pride in serving you each perfect cup. Many regulars are also devotees of our enticing selection of homemade cakes and cookies. The café’s star attraction is the luscious, creamy Carrot Cake. Our selection of fine spread also includes wholesome salads and sandwiches, tasty curry puffs, and signature dishes such as Angel’s pasta.

You may wonder how this charming hideaway came to be co-located with Attitude Performing Arts Studio, one of Singapore’s premier dance and fitness school. Our café was conceived when the studio’s adult dance students started to hang around between classes, chatting and tucking into snacks they had packed along. Realising that the dance studio had become more than just a venue for classes, we thought of starting a food and coffee culture for the community.

That same passion for the arts sets the Fringe Café apart. Here, you can remember that you may eat to live, but you live for the arts. We invite you to browse the spread of design and literary magazines, or to catch performances of great ballets or the school’s own showcases on the plasma screens. If you are lucky, you might even be surprised by a contemporary dance rehearsal, or an exuberant hip-hop class going on behind the glass doors of the stage studio adjacent to the café.

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