Body Combat

By Les Mills™

About body combat

Punch & kick your way to knockout shape

BODYCOMBAT works your legs, tones your arms, back and shoulders and provides phenomenal core training. You destroy calories, develop coordination, agility and speed, and feel empowered.

Class description


Exercise that uses the large muscles of the body, and which help make the heart and lungs stronger. The benefits of cardiovascular exercise include lowered blood pressure and increase calorie-burning, adding in weight loss

Strength & Core

Strength training is the use of resistance to muscular contraction to build strength and endurance. It is important that core strength training be included. The benefits of strength training include increase bone density, increase muscular strength, increase in metabolism and elevated HDL (good) cholesterol.

Mind-Body Balance

Activity that engages mental awareness into the physical practice. Mind-body exercise in executed with great attention placed on the details of alignment and engagement of the appropriate muscle groups. The benefits of mind-body activities include improved body awareness and greater control over the emotions.

Coordination & Balance

Balance is the ability to control one’s centre of gravity over the base of support, and coordination is the ability to perform smooth and controlled movements, achieved by the optimal interaction of muscle function.

Flexibility and Core Conditioning

Flexibility is the range of motion about a joint and its surrounding muscles during a passive movement. By improving the joint range of motion, risk of injury can be reduced.

About Les Mills

It all started with one man. In 1968, four-time Olympian Les Mills started his first gym in Auckland, New Zealand. It was a simple operation, basic strength and cardio training for a small community of athletes. Now, 50 years on, it is the hub of a global revolution – a vibrant destination where the world’s top fitness talent create new ways to get fit, combining music with movement and then taking it to the world.

Frequently asked questions

At Attitude Performing Arts Studio, we encourage your child to attend trial classes to ensure he/she is in an environment where they can best enjoy, learn and develop. Fill up the form below and our friendly staff will contact you shortly.

In the event that your child finds the first trial class is suitable for him/her and decides to enrol, the trial class will be considered his/her first lesson of the term

Parents are to arrive 15 minutes before the start of class to collect a trial card from the Hub Cup. Do remember to pass the trial card to the dance teacher in -charge before class. After class, kindly returns the trial card to our friendly staff at the Hub Cup for registration or further enquiries.

We advise parents to stay outside of the studio to avoid distractions in class while the lesson is in progress.

We seek the cooperation of parents to be in the studio’s vicinity. Should your child decided to discontinue the trial class midway, you will be able to attend to him/her. Why not take the time off and enjoy a nice cup of coffee at our very own cafe.

Children should be in comfortable wear appropriate for stretching and dancing om the first trial class. A full set of specially designed dance outfit from our school is available for purchase when your child enrols in our school. Students are required to purchase the school’s outfit.

Above all, relax and enjoy this special moment with your child as he/she makes the first foray into the world of dance!

Honestly, we could not be happier. The teachers are spectacular - dedicated, knowledgeable, caring, and talented. If you are looking for a studio to inspire your burgeoning dancers, this is the place.

Shonda Leonard

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